About Us

Mina Travel was founded in 1995 as a company with the aim of diversifying the travel interests to Turkey. Company has grown in different aspects of the industry; incoming business has been increased year by year with offices in the heart of Mediterranean Riviera and recently we have created unique web based software to serve the local market.

Mina Travel is known for its reliability as a service supplier to travel producers from around the world. It is also known for its vision and imagination in packaging exciting new itineraries. In a short time, Mina has increased its capacity in Turkey and now it has various partnerships with different tour operators.

After many years operating in the region, we consider ourselves an expert on Mediterranean Riviera. By understanding our partners needs for business realities, we keep many guarantee rooms not only in deluxe hotels but also in 4* and 3* hotels. The experience we have gathered over the years has shown us the importance to keep our clients with pleasant impressions when they leave the country. Cheapest and most effective advertisement for Mina and its partners are the satisfied customers. To receive the repeated clients over the past years gives us a power that proves we are on the correct track...

Our B2C engine that is designed for the local market called tatilcantam.com promotes the hotels within Turkey to local market and very soon we would like to add some attractive outbound destinations to our portfolio since Turkish market grows very rapidly.

At the same time, we own and manage a boutique hotel with 50 rooms in Taksim area at the center of Istanbul. Hotel Residence is designed to fulfill all the requirements of our clients.

Mina Staff have a special ability to create original and highly desirable concepts as well as the most traditional events. Our experienced teams understand and share your objectives, define your strategies, and create the most attractive solution for your request.

For us, there is no importance of the number of the participants in our services because from one to thousands, we care with VIP concept to each client.

We are extending an invitation to every travel Professional who is interested to do business with Turkey. We are always ready to do business with an unlimited perspective by knowing that your success will be our success.