This notification is being made by MINA TURIZM SANAYI VE LIMITED SIRKETI, acting with the capacity of data responsible within the context of Law About the Protection of Personal Data (KVKK) with no 6698, to their business partners, their customers in domestic country or abroad, and to real or legal people with whom they are communicating, with the aim to fulfill their liability to make clarification.


Our company is providing services to their customers in domestic country and abroad and to their other business partners within the frame of their activity subject without making differentiation with respect to religion, language, race, opinion, or gender.

Our company needs personal information of their customers in order to provide services to them and within this context and by making you notified, your personal information is being obtained from you being our customers and indirectly from our business partners on your behalf. Your personal information is very important for us and these information will be used within the frame of Law About the Protection of Personal Data (KVKK) and international agreements.

“Personal Data” includes all kinds of information that are gathered and recorded, identity of which is specified or can be specified.

These are information which you, being data owners and users have shared at our company with your own will and desire, which include information such as your name-last name, gender, date of birth, nationality, mobile phone number, e-mail, identity details, profession, insurance, vehicle model and plate, accommodation date and place, hotel information, travel transportation details, and social media accounts which have been gathered directly or indirectly and which enable you to be identified as a real person.

These information will be processed for legitimate purposes, in a limited and restrained way, as complying with legal and honesty rules and they will be kept for a required period regarding the purpose of their being processed and they will be destroyed or made anonymized.

Personal data are information which are processed by our company on condition not to damage fundamental personal rights and freedoms, as being required for the establishment, execution of this contract and for the provision of services and they contain information which are permitted to be shared directly by data owner or indirectly by users authorized by them.

Apart from these information, personal information with private content such as data relating with race, ethnic route, political opinion, philosophical belief, religion, sectarian, way of dressing, association, foundation and union memberships, health, sexual life, criminal conviction, security data, biometric and genetic data which have reached to our company, shall not be used without getting explicit consent of relevant person.

If one of the conditions stated in second sub-clause of 5th article of Law About the Protection of Personal Data (KVKK) or in third sub-clause of 6th article of KVKK, on condition that sufficient precautions have been taken, personal data can be transferred to 3rd parties without getting explicit consent of relevant people.

Our company uses minimum required personal data to provide services relating with their activity subject. These are data relating with names-last names, gender types, ages, nationalities, hotel and accommodation details, flight and transfer information. These are the data which are required for the execution of service among the parties (as being essential). Sharing of these data by our company, acting as a mediator, with 3rd parties is required by nature of business. Data owner requesting services accepts in advance that these information will be shared.

With regards to the protection of data as being data responsible, in order to avoid illegal data processing and to avoid illegal access to these data during data transmission to 3rd parties, our company takes required technical and legal measures, makes necessary warnings to data processing people, 3rd parties, and company personnel to comply with the provisions of Law About the Protection of Personal Data (KVKK) and it notifies them and conducts necessary inspections. Furthermore, our company is liable to notify Council of Protection of Personal Data about processes being realized as conflicting the provisions of Law About the Protection of Personal Data (KVKK).

RIGHTS OF DATA OWNER Within the context of Law About the Protection of Personal Data (KVKK), you have below rights relating with your personal data:

-Learning whether personal data are processed or not,
-Requesting information if personal data have been processed,
-Learning the purpose of processing data and learning whether they are used in accordance with this purpose or not,
-Knowing about third parties to whom personal data are transmitted in domestic country or abroad,
-Requesting correction if personal data have been processed as wrong or deficient,
-Requesting erasure or destruction of data if reasons requiring the processing of personal data has been eliminated,
-Requesting for your corrected or erased information, as per your request, to be notified to third parties if your relevant personal data have been transferred to them,
-Making objection to occurrence of an outcome against your favor by analyzing the processed data exclusively through automatic systems,
-Requesting tor losses incurred to be indemnified if these losses have occurred as a result of illegal processing of personal data.

You can send your requests relating with your above mentioned rights including your necessary explanations in written form to: 1-The address of 2-To the company head center address.

Answers will be given to your requests at the soonest time not exceeding 30 days period.